Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/The Snake that Eats the Tail

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Phoenix log artwork

Unknown Author, Installation 00, Date: 01/14/2555

Once again, the humans have damaged Installation 00 with their war, like chidddlren allowzed to run rampnt and uncheckedd.

Correction: [Like children allowed to run rampant and unchecked]

Are these truly the ones destined to carry the Mantle? Perhaps it is heresy to question the Librarian's plans, but one's thoughts do tend to wander and dwell on forbidden thoughts when one has been left alone for so lone

Correction: [long]

How long has it been now? No matter.

I cannot help but question the wisdom of my masters. After all, there have been countless battles and each time the only difference seems to be the names of those involved.

Can the universe really be shod and bridled like some common beasts simply to serve the wants and needs of petty organic life? I have had time to do little but watch as events unfurl and to my senses there has been no advancement. If a rock is cast into the water, no matter the weight or the force of the one who hurls it, it creates a few ripples quickly subsumed by the calm of the lake itself. Is the purpose then to simply upset the stillness, albeit temporarily?

If so, then surely it is a selfish, prideful need for immortality in the sentient beings. A need which we should not encourage. After all, they only hurt themselves.

No, the real truth is that the universe is cyclical and must maintain its stillness, infinitely returning to the source. Installation 00 must be maintained and returned to its former state and those that have done it harm must be dealt with.

It is time for me to get to work.