Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Pandora's Box II

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Field report, comms officer G. Peterson, SF-193-938. Transmission date: 6/1/2559

Isabel's reports from the war indicate that the strange dome over the remains of High Charity is some kind of protective measure the Ark's systems created after High Charity crashed. Something about walling off alien threats too big to quickly deal with otherwise, it definitely explains the Sentinel presence here. Regardless, after seeing what the Sentinels did to the Enduring Conviction, we're not about to anger these bees, no matter what kind of honey could be inside.

Our orders are to sit tight and observe. After Major Vaughan's close shave with that Forerunner ship, the captain has us watching all potential hot spots for Banished activity and oods are Atriox will make a play for High Charity. From what we've seen before, Atriox has no compunctions about messing with the Ark in order to get what he wants. [2/2]