Orbital Defense Command

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Orbital Defense Command


United Earth Government[1]


UNSC Air Force[1]


Combatant command[2]


Orbital planetary defense[1]



The Orbital Defense Command is a functional component of the UNSC Air Force, charged with orbital planetary defense for the colonies under the purview of the Unified Earth Government.[1][2] The command operates and maintains the vast array of defense platforms in geosynchronous orbit around Earth and the Inner Colonies,[1] such as Reach and New Carthage.[3][4]

The Orbital Defense Command's network of defense platforms serve as the first line of defense for colonies and works closely with the UNSC Navy's Fleet Command.[1][2]

Behind the scenes[edit]

While orbital defense platforms have been commonly known elements in the Halo universe since 2001's The Fall of Reach, it was only until Halo 4 that the unit commanding these stations was actually named.

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