ONI Candidate Assessment Program V5.02A

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The ONI Candidate Assessment Program V5.02A is an Office of Naval Intelligence assessment program. It was able to be used to form ODST Squads.[1]


The ONI Candidate Assessment Program V5.02A, is a program with video screens on the left and right, a search bar with multiple key words related to the interview, and various monitors of the applicant's status. The video of the interview itself is shown on the left side of the panel, while the screen on the right side shows the current thoughts of the applicant. Below the screens, interviews of various applicants Marines can be selected.[1]

Classified information[edit]

Class 3 access is sometimes required to get access to information such as "Objectives" in the program.[1]

The ONI Security Directive M-98 is used on this program to lock information that is classified, requiring "Class 4" access in the form of a hidden code in order to be unlocked. Orders, such as ONI ORDER 12.45-VD can be used to classify memory files under that directive, making them inaccessible without the required access class.[1]


It was used to assess Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck interviewing prospective members for Alpha-Nine: Corporal Taylor Miles, Lance Corporal Kojo Agu, and Private First Class Michael Crespo for Operation: BUMRUSH in 2552.[1]