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Friday's Halo Feast (August 8th to August 14th)

Story by CommanderTony
August 14th, 2009


On the behalf of DinoBenn (again), the creator of this segment, I bring you the third iteration of Friday's Halo Feast for August 8th through August 14th. Enjoy!


Attention all readers, editors and visitors of Halopedia. It has come to my attention that many videos out on the interweb are very good but not popular enough to be noteworthy. I hope to correct this, and so I present to you ten Halo Videos from the fans that you may not have seen before, accompanied by one that every devout Halo fan has seen. Without further procrastination, lets begin.

  • Every time you click the Matchmaking option, you must always live in dread that you'll get paired up with somebody like this guy, because as this video demonstrates, idiots should not have headsets. Watch Here.
  • Speagy here demonstrates that, when in a party with two young children, record it so we all may listen and hate them together. My favorite quote is still "I just beat down some Speagy!", but decide for yourself in this hilarious video. Watch Here.
  • Sometimes, disputes between two idiots from different countries leads to this. Don't think any less of Canada or America from this video, but if you feel the need to hate these guys, add 'em and show him how awesome the two countries are! Watch Here.
  • The other guys are kind of cruel, but this is why little kids should not be on Xbox Live. He screams, he swears, he acts tough, and for once, he cries. I think that by now, Microsoft should have a way of detecting who is too young to be on XBL. Watch Here.
  • Short and messed up, this young one has yet to learn about the world of swearing. In less than a minute, Quad Laza demonstrates probably the most mature insults anybody in any of these videos does. Which is very, very sad. Watch Here.
  • Please, let me say before you watch this video that spamming these guys' messages and mail will only cause them to hate more. It's much more effective to find them and laugh at them yourself. Enjoy these gamers as they hate each other over the interweb in only ways that dumbasses can. Watch Here.
  • Next time you see a little kid on Xbox Live, pretend to be Bungie. Hilarity will ensue as 0sK xSavaGe shows how awesome commentary over these children can be, because, as we all know, Big Bungie is watching. Watch Here.
  • "How old is you?" is officially my second favorite quote after this video. Yes, this generation looks like a train wreck. For the most part, it is, but know this! As long as people like this are on Xbox Live, this stuff will continue. Soon, we will be overrun by children from baby-popping parents and then it's all over man. Watch Here.
  • When in need of lolz, little kids on Cracked.com researching how to have sex always does the job in such a way only, and I'm not kidding about his new gamertag, a ROFLSAURUSREX, can describe. Watch Here.

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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