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Nathan Walpole

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Nathan Walpole

Nathan Walpole (aka Bentllama) is another one of the Canadian animators that Bungie imported to bring down their labor costs. A self described motion zealot Nathan grew up outside London, Ontario, Canada playing any game and watching any animation he could find. He entered Sheridan College's Classical [2D] Animation program right after graduating high school then continued his education at Sheridan with their Computer Animation program, grading in 1999.

After a working on a few titles he eventually came to work at Bungie studios, working on Halo 2. In 2008 Nathan left Bungie studios and joined 343 Industries as Lead Animator. However, as of late 2010 he no longer works for 343 Industries and is now pursuing other interests.


  • Aaron Walpole, Nathan's brother, a 2001 graduate of Sheridan Institute's Music Theater-Performance program, triumphed over hundreds of talented singers from across Canada to reach the final five in Canadian Idol.[citation needed]
  • Walpole had an ODST named after him, featured in the Halo 2 short, Another Day at the Beach.

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