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"Benefit? From an alien invasion?"
— Nanci Ander expresses surprise at the suggestion that the aliens who destroyed her home could potentially work to the good of her cause.[1]

Nanci Ander was a the daughter of the leader of the Secessionist Union's chapter on Harvest, Jerald Ander.[1] Her father was assassinated in 2502 but Nanci was still part of the Secessionist Union by 2526.[1]


Bahito Noti: "Every Spartan they kill means a thousand of our brothers and sisters will still be alive to keep fighting when the aliens are gone."
Nanci Ander: "And what if they're not gone? If they just turn around and glass us too, we're cutting our own throats by helping them get rid of Spartans."
— Nanci expresses serious doubts about working with the Covenant.[1]

On March 12. 2526 a number of envoys representing a diverse range of insurrectionist organizations met aboard the Charon-class light frigate Bellicose, located in deep space within the Grenadi sector's Little Nelek Nebula, to discuss what to do about the emerging Covenant threat.[1] The meeting kicked off at around 0638 hours, just hours after a welcome party which had been held for those in attendance. Ms. Ander was at first shocked to learn from General Harper Garvin that the aliens were real, as the Secessionist Union's intelligence hacks had concluded the evacuation of Harvest had been a ruse orchestrated by the Colonial Military Authority to empty the planet before recolonizing it with a more docile population. She in turn was aghast to hear Reza Linberk suggest that the Insurrection could benefit from the Covenant's invasion. General Harper's description of the glassing of Redstow VI made Nanci fully come to terms with what had been done to her home. Given the losses already suffered, she was very skeptical of any plans in which the aliens were offered any sort of olive branch, but she ultimately went along with the decision to share some intelligence concerning Spartans with them in return for assurances of safety.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Nanci Ander: "What do you mean, glassed?"
Petora Zoyas: "Orbital plasma bombardment. So hot it fuses the planet's surface silica. The ground literally turns into glass."
Nanci Ander: "Oh my God. Is that what happened to Harvest?"
— Ms. Ander is devastated to learn the truth about Harvest.[1]

Ms. Nanci Ander had a sqaure jaw.[1] She was very attached to her home world of Harvest, and learning of its destruction caused all color to drain from her face and for her to slump in her seat while her lips trembled.[1]

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