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"My specific role is a “narrative designer.” That means different things to different teams, but at 343, it’s not synonymous with a writer. The writers are in charge of ‘what’ and I’m in charge of ‘how’ and that means driving forward not only what our stories are but how we tell them. In the early phases of our games, we all work together to develop the characters and story, but I also design and prototype gameplay systems related to narrative and work on improvements to our storytelling pipelines. Then, as we go forward, I write VO for my missions, but I also implement game design elements related to the narrative and work with mission designers, sound designers, VFX artists, environment artists, etc (everyone) to nail down how well tell the story outside of the VO and cinematics."
— Morgan Lockhart, on her role at 343 Industries.[1]

Lindsay Morgan Lockhart was formerly a Narrative Designer at 343 Industries. Before joining Microsoft Studios in 2012, she worked at Sigil Games Online, Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Game Company), Ohai, and Trion Worlds, having helped to develop the games Everquest II and Rift.[2] At 343 Industries, she helped to launch Halo 4[3] and to develop Halo 5: Guardians[4]. In Halo 5: Guardians, she is known to have written portions of the background narrative in the levels set on Meridian, such as audio logs and voice overs.[5] She expanded this narrative, especially the character Evelyn Collins, in "What Remains", the short story she contributed to Halo: Fractures. In November 2016, she left 343 Industries to work as a freelance writer and narrative designer at Bear Tree Studios.[2]



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