Lockhart medical station

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Lockhart medical station
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Hospital station

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Last sighted:

January 2553




Lockhart medical station is a UNSC medical facility.[1]

Operation history[edit]

During a battle in October 2552, ODST Sarah Palmer was injured by Type-33 Needler fire and was sent to Lockhart to recover. Three months later, she was visited by Jun-A266, who was there to recruit her into the SPARTAN-IV program.

Production notes[edit]

The station is named after Morgan Lockhart, a narrative designer and writer for 343 Industries.[2] Lockhart station bears aesthetic similarities to Ivanoff Station in Halo 4; both are also located within a dense asteroid cluster. From an in-universe standpoint, it is possible that both stations are based on similar prefab structures or the same design template.

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