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c. 103,450+ BCE[1]


c. 97,445 BCE[2]

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2 meters (6 ft 7 in)[1]

Hair color:

Deep red[1]

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Forerunner ecumene




Maker-of-Cherished-Mountains was a Forerunner Builder and the mother of Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting and another child with her husband.


Before Bornstellar was sent to live with Miners on Edom, his mother raised him for six years on their homeworld.[3] At some point she ordered the end of a Lifeworker experiment near their house, which Bornstellar sometimes took part in. After several nearly successful attempts on his life by the aquatic reptiles being trained there, his mother declared the experiment to be too dangerous and had the Lifeworker reassigned.[4]

When Bornstellar was returned to this family after being captured at Janjur Qom, his mother greeted him with painful formality, uncomfortable at his strange new appearance from his brevet mutation and from the circumstances of his return.[1] Later on she asked if her son were planning to undo his mutation, which he denied.[5] With the need for politeness away, his mother chided him for stealing off on adventure that had defied tradition and disrupted his father's work.[6] Bornstellar expressed no shame, revealing he had learned much about the war between humans and Forerunners, the Precursors, and the Flood. Though shocked that her son had learned such classified information, she too was curious and shared her scarce knowledge about the Flood, claiming it was a disease caused by stellar radiation.[7]

200 days after Bornstellar's return, his mother was witness to an argument between him and her husband.[8] When her son confronted him about creating a weapon of mass destruction, Bornstellar's mother grew agitated and demanded to know what a Halo was.[9] Her husband admitted that the recent actions with a Halo at Janjur Qom had discredited the Builders, and that he might soon be indicted for serving them. His wife protested that he served the Master Builder, which should have been enough to protect him politically, but her husband remarked that his time of power was likely over.[10] During the confrontation, the two of them held each other without armor, the first time Bornstellar had ever seen them engage in direct physical contact.[11]

Maker-of-Cherished-Mountains was not seen by him again "alive and free" after he left for the trial of the Master Builder.[12]

Appearance and traits[edit]

Maker-of-Cherished-Mountains was a little over two meters tall, half the height of her husband. She had deep red hair, a thin reed-like figure, and silver-gray skin.[1] By the mid 97,000s BCE, she was six thousand years old and was entering her third millennial interim, during which she would not conceive nor give birth.[13]

She was elegant and polite in public, but would begin to slip out of her serene persona in private. Although she chided her son for seeking classified secrets, she too could get impatient with secrecy and inquired as to what he had done and learned on his adventures, as well as eavesdropping on her husband.

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