List of REQ cards/Stances

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Image Name Rarity Description
REQ Card - At the Ready.png At the Ready Common Freedom isn't free.
REQ Card - World's End.png World's End Common There at the close.
REQ Card - Breach.png Breach Uncommon Ready to rock.
REQ Card - Grim Resolve.png Grim Resolve Uncommon There are worse places to die.
REQ Card - Last Stand.png Last Stand Uncommon The breakwater.
REQ Card - Believe.png Believe Rare Points of light in an infinite darkness.
REQ Card - Engage.png Engage Rare Make it so.
REQ Card - Into the Fire.png Into the Fire Rare The flames of war climb higher.
H5G REQ Card - Pink Mist.jpeg Pink Mist Rare Messy.
REQ Card - Urban Recon.png Urban Recon Rare Keep It Clean.
REQ Card - Assassin.png Assassin Ultra Rare Blindsided and bushwhacked.
H5G-Stance-CenterMass.png Center Mass Ultra Rare Practice your Mozambique Drill.
REQ Card - Fire Support.png Fire Support Ultra Rare Beware of backblast.
H5G REQ Card - Hammer Time.jpeg Hammer Time Ultra Rare Everyone is a nail.
REQ Card - Look Skyward.png Look Skyward Ultra Rare Heroes arrive fashionably late.
REQ Card - Weapons free.png Weapons Free Ultra Rare You are free to engage.
REQ Card - Flanker.png Flanker Legendary They'll never see you coming.
H5G REQ Card - Old School.jpeg Old School Legendary Back with a vengeance.
H5G-Stance-Patrol.png Patrol Legendary Be prepared.
REQ Card - Peacemaker.png Peacemaker Legendary In death, peace.
REQ Card - Tactical Carry.png Tactical Carry Legendary Stay alert.