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Kovokel is a jungle-crater on Suban, one of two natural satellites orbiting Sanghelios. It formerly served as the headquarters of the Bloodbrave Guardians of Suban.[1]


Until shortly after the Great Schism,[2] the jungle-crater of Kovokel hosted the Bloodbrave Guardians of Suban, a sect of Sangheili warriors who spurned allegiance to the Covenant for the sake of the purity of the Sangheili people.[1] At the onset of the Great Schism,[2] the San'Shyuum Hierarchs sought to put an end to swiftly this recalcitrant autonomy, dispatching an entire battle group to Kovokel with the goal of wiping out the mercenary sect. Blademaster Okro 'Vagaduun was the only member of the Bloodbrave Guardians to survive the massacre.[1]