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The Audible dictionary is a project dedicated to reading out words in the Halo universe. This is so we can understand how words are heard and spoken.

File useage[edit]

  • This project is not to be used on main space articles unless agreed upon. (This may change but for now this will be the dictionary area)
  • Spoken words must be read out by the uploader or requested in the talk page with the direct source where the pronunciation is.
  • Files uploaded must use the naming scheme "Project-Audio-[word].filetype" with [word] being the word spoken.
  • Spoken words must have where the pronunciation is located in its Summary. This is so the word can be verified.


  • Sangheili cant pronounce the letter M.
  • GrimbrotherOne posted a video of him saying "Jega 'Rdomnai" here

Current words[edit]

  • N/A