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Kelly-087 (Spartan-087)
Shaddock, Kelly
Rank: Petty Officer First Class
Height: 211cm
Weight: 112kg
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue
Homeworld: Imber
Birth: September 21, 2510
Though mission oriented and competitive, several Spartan-II trainers suspected Kelly-087 harbored no overt loyalty to the UNSC, and was only prevented from leaving the program due to strong bonds with her companions in Blue Team,

Even among the super-human SPARTAN-II personnel, Kelly-087 was notable for having the quickest of reflexes, and an almost preternatural ability to synchronize with Mjolnir mobility systems. Even without power armor, Kelly-087 is capable of running at speeds in excess of 50kph for extended periods. This impressive ability earned Kelly-087 the nickname of "Rabbit" among her fellow Spartans.

Notable Operations
As of August 2558, Kelly-087 has completed 201 military operations [124 full campaigns]; only a handful of surviving Spartan-II operatives have more experience. Kelly-087 claims to be ignorant of awards she is entitled to, and has shown little interest in the biographies and records of non-Spartans.