Halo: Combat Evolved: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets

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Halo: Combat Evolved: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets
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Doug Radcliffe



Publication date:

1st edition: September 29, 2003

Media type:

Print (Paperback)


240 pages


0782142362, 978-0782142365


Halo: Combat Evolved: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets is a strategy guide for Halo: Combat Evolved, more specifically its PC version. It was authored by Doug Radcliffe.

What makes Radcliffe's book unique among the many strategy guides available is that it contains Halo Story Bible canon information. So not only is it a good source for tips and tricks, but it also offers Bungie approved insights into the Halo Universe.


Survive a two-on-one battle against Hunters, assist the Marines at the Assault on The Control Room, thwart the Covenant, and successfully capture the flag on Blood Gulch. Halo, the world's best action game, blasts onto the PC, and this book is your indispensable guide to every aspect of the vast Halo universe. Written with the full collaboration of Bungie Studios, Gearbox, and Microsoft Game Studios, this guide is packed with invaluable strategies, behind-the-scenes information, and winning tactics straight from the experts. Inside you'll find:

  • Complete single-player walkthrough so you can survive and complete Legendary difficulty.
  • Analysis of every weapon, vehicle, and enemy in the game.
  • Powerful strategies from hardcore Halo veterans around the world
  • Exclusive Halo Story Bible excerpts that have never been published anywhere
  • Tips and level design notes from the Bungie and Gearbox development teams
  • Detailed maps of every single multiplayer level
  • Essential tactics for dominating every multiplayer map and game mode
  • Full compilation of Halo Easter eggs!

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