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Groombridge 34 system

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The Groombridge 34 system is a binary star system of two red dwarf stars situated 11.7 light-years from Earth, among the Inner Colonies.[1]


It was the resting place of Construction Platform 966A after the station was supposedly decommissioned over an icy moon in the system circa 2531. It was here that Kurt-051 went missing after a ruptured Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine caused his thruster pack to malfunction during a mission to investigate rebel activity on the platform. Despite exhaustive search efforts from the frigate UNSC Tannenberg and prowler Circumference, they were unable to find him.[2] In reality, Kurt had been picked up by the stealth cruiser UNSC Point of No Return as part of a cover-up orchestrated by Colonel James Ackerson and the Office of Naval Intelligence in order to recruit him to train the SPARTAN-IIIs.[3]

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