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Petty Officer (Unknown class)


Petty Officer Finlay was a Junior Non-commissioned Officer in the UNSC Navy. He was assigned to the UNSC Midsummer Night as a Dropship pilot.


He had a fervent hatred for Insurrectionists. Despite his fiery nature, he was renowned for his exceptional piloting skills with a D77 Pelican, the main dropship used by the United Nations Space Command.


When Jeffries joined the crew of the Midsummer Night, he and Finlay became fast friends; though shortly after, Jeffries was shot down by Insurrectionist AAA fire over Charybdis IX. Finlay's already-strong hate of Insurrectionists was fueled even more, making him very easily angered and aggressive. After the Midsummer Night arrived at The Rubble, Finlay was infuriated to learn that he and the rest of the crew were going to defend Insurrectionists even though they had lost many men to them in the past.

When Ignatio Delgado volunteered to be a pilot on the Midsummer Night, Finlay unleashed his anger against him (even though Ignatio was not really an Insurrectionist) and threw a punch in his gut. Delgado instinctively head-butted Finlay in the face. Surrounding pilots and an officer dragged Finlay away, and was patched up by onboard doctors [1].

Later, during the Battle of Metisette, Finlay was aboard the first Pelican to be shot down by a Kig-yar anti-aircraft battery during re-entry into Metisette. The AAA fire shattered his Pelican's tail, and caused it to spiral to the ground and explode [2].

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