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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.

The FLEETCOM Central Database is FLEETCOM's central database for information.


In 2552, John-117 attempted to use the FLEETCOM Central Database to locate the planet from his unlocked memories. However, his search parameters were too broad and he failed to find anything. Cortana offered him her help and John reluctantly described what he'd seen in his visions. Using the flora and fauna that John described, Cortana found 103 colonies and moons in the database that matched John's description and showed him the list. John recognized several of the planets, including Mamore, and Cortana confirmed that the Spartans had undergone deployments on 23 of them. However, none of the planets that John knew from his previous missions were the one that he was looking for.[1]

Later, after remembering more of his past, John informed Cortana that the planet had ice rings and he asked Cortana how many planets on the list had that. Cortana checked with John that the rings were visible from the surface and then revealed that it had narrowed it down to just three planets. John had Cortana show him the three planets in question and he was able to identify the correct one as Eridanus II. Cortana filled John in on what information she could find on Eridanus II and the Reach for Life project, although it wasn't much beyond promotional material as the Reach for Life project's operational files had been lost following a plague disaster on Eridanus II.[1]

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