Covenant camping stool

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A Covenant Camping Stool.

The Covenant camping stool is a sitting apparatus for the Covenant use. They are a base and seat connected by a single gravity beam.


These stools can be found in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach's campaign, in Forge, on multiplayer maps such as Snowbound and on some Firefight maps such as Overlook.[1][2] When destroyed they do not cause any harm to the player but make a small explosion that can send objects hurtling, especially if the "Cowbell" skull is on.

They are only known as "stools" by their Forge name. Covenant camping stools take up $2 in the player's Forge budget, and prove to be helpful for creating a scenery in a custom map.


  • No Covenant have ever been seen sitting on them in the games.


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