Citadel (Shield World 006)

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The Citadel is a Forerunner urban habitat located inside the shield world Sarcophagus. It served as the base camp for Blue Team and the other human survivors of the Onyx Conflict for the majority of the time they spent stranded in the shield world.[1] The Citadel consists of numerous buildings; towers, multi-story blocks, domes and various sprawling low-rise structures, all made of characteristic silver-gray Forerunner material, stretching as far as one could see.[2] The interiors are pristine and perfectly clean due to constant maintenance by the shield world's resident Huragok, and feature gravity lifts which can be used to access different floors.[3] The buildings lack solid furniture; instead, in typical Forerunner fashion, they can generate hard light furnishings at will.[4] Many of the doors within the habitat have ornately decorated frames.[5]

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