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Bungie Pro is a 6-month subscription service that can be purchased over Xbox Live for 320 Microsoft points. Bungie Pro enhances a Halo 3 player's File Share, increasing its capacity from six slots and 25MB to twenty-four slots and 250MB. It was confirmed on one of's Weekly Update that Halo: Reach will include Halo 3's File Share system including Bungie Pro.


As previously stated, a Bungie Pro subscription increases the capacity of a player's File Share. The size increase lasts until the subscription expires. Upon expiration, a player's File Share reverts to normal only if their extra slots are all unused. If a player continues to use their extra storage space after their subscription expires, then their File Share will not be reverted until they reduce it to meet the limitations of a normal Share, but the player will not be able to upload new content until their subscription is renewed or their Share is reverted.

Bungie description[edit]

A news post[1] describing the service relied primarily on a description written by Roger Wolfson, "a super genius working on all manners of Database and information tracking for Bungie Studios". That description, with some unnecessary content removed, has been reproduced below.

Hey folks, Roger here. [...] Topic of the day: file sharing. You saw the basics of this during the public beta: custom game and map variants, screenshots, saved films and film clips can all be uploaded to your personal (but public) file share on our servers. The current plan is that everyone with a copy of Halo 3 and an Xbox Live Gold account gets 6 slots where you can place up to 25MB of these files to share with the world. [...]

"But wait!" you exclaim, "I'm not a merely *average* user! I plan to win every motion picture award there is with my exquisitely choreographed, epic-length saved films!" And *that* is where Bungie Pro comes in. "Bungie Pro?" you ask, an eyebrow raised. "I'm listening." While we can't give huge amounts of free storage to every one of our users, [...] we're happy to accommodate power users with a premium storage option that we've dubbed Bungie Pro. Inside your file share, you'll find a button that will lead to an Xbox Live Marketplace panel, offering you a one-year "subscription" to Bungie Pro for a planned 750 Points. Buy this, and for the following year, your file share will balloon to 24 slots and 250MB. At the end of the year, you'll be asked to either re-subscribe, or else bring your share back under the default limit before you can upload new content. (750 Points comes to about 78 cents per month, by the way.)

"But wait!" a much smaller set of people calls out. "Why pick 24 / 250MB?" That's really a design decision - we figure that users of the file share don't want to have to page through endless lists of other people's files to see if there's anything good. [...] But if this *still* doesn't sound like enough for you, we have yet another option - while the free file share is restricted to Gold accounts for obvious reasons, we're making Bungie Pro available for purchase for your Silver accounts as well. You've created "mule" accounts in an MMO, right? Betcha never guessed you'd get to do it in Halo, too!

But wait, there's more! (That's me saying "But wait!" this time, not you.) Browsing file shares in-game is one way to find content, but it can get a little cumbersome. That's where comes in. When you visit the website, you'll be able to look at your file share, and everyone else's as well. Saved films and variants, of course, aren't viewable on the PC because they're just a sequence of game data, but you'll be able to pass around links, see the file descriptions, and even click a button to add it to your download queue - next time you sign in to Halo 3, the game will auto-download the files (up to 8, currently) that you selected on the website. Screenshots, though, you can view directly on and save off as wallpaper -- and they look *great*! Add to that features like "copy to my share" where you can import a file you like on someone else's share directly to your space (or your mule's) so you and your friends can find it in-game, file ratings, and discussions, and we think you'll find this to be an essential part of the Halo 3 online experience.


Bungie stated that as of September 15, 2011, Bungie Pro will no longer be available for purchase. Those with subscriptions that end after the termination date will get to keep their Bungie Pro features, the 24 slots and nameplate, forever. Render minutes are no longer available as Bungie turned all Halo: Reach support over to 343 Industries.