Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Scattered/08

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MAY 15, 2560 // Inside the Conservatory, Makovich and Sorel confront a powerful adversary.

  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: Oh yeah. This is Forerunner. We're clear, Theo. Moving up.
  • Spartan Theodore Sorel: Let's keep it quiet for as long as we can. There'll be no putting the cork back in the bottle once the party starts.
  • Makovich: Speaking of which, when we're done here, I know of a certain supply crate with a couple of bottles of- Movement! Behind you!
  • Jega 'Rdomnai: (Attack roar)
  • Sorel: Agh!
[Sound: Gunfire. Active camouflage shimmers.]
  • Makovich: Damn it, he cloaked! you still with me?
  • Sorel: Yeah. I'm good. Where'd he go?!
  • 'Rdomnai: (Growling) I am near, Spartan. I am near.
  • Makovich: Go. Leave this to me.
  • Sorel: No, I can't do that-
  • Makovich: Find the Monitor. I'll be right behind you.
  • Sorel: You better be, Mako.
  • Makovich: Now then, where were we?
[Sound: Energy sword activates.]
  • 'Rdomnai: You were about to die screaming.
[Sound: Gunfire.]