Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Scattered/07

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MAY 15, 2560 // Makovich and Sorel follow the Banished into the Conservatory, seeking to deny Escharum his prize: the installation monitor.

  • First Unggoy: They're headin' down now. Shouldn't we go along with 'em?
  • Second Unggoy: You kidding? I ain't going anywhere near that mining laser. Not unless- (Whimpering) hey! It's a- (Death groan)
  • First Unggoy: Spartans! Still-alive Spartans! Someone call- (Death groan)
  • Spartan Theodore Sorel: Night-night. You got eyes on the tunnel?
  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: Yeah. Big group of Banished just went inside. Didn't see Escharum, but he might already be in there. So... two of us against all of them, huh?
  • Sorel: I like those odds. It's not going to be easy... but it's the only move we have left. We find the Monitor before they do.
  • Makovich: Back-up would have been nice.
  • Sorel: It's just us now, Mako. We have to make do. Time to move. How's that distraction coming?
  • Makovich: Stand by...

[Sound: Beeping. Explosion.]

  • Makovich: Let's go.