Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Ringfall/03

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DEC 12, 2559 // Spartan Bertold Vettel and Fireteam Taurus flee the Infinity amid a flurry of activity and prepare to land near Banished artillery.

  • Spartan Oshiro: The Infinity's getting hammered by Banished ships.
  • Spartan Bertold Vettel: Yeah. I wonder how much more she'll be able to take before-

[Sound: Explosions. Aircraft shaking.]

  • Spartan Dimka: Okay, that was too close.
  • Vettel: Banished triple-A's. How did they get set up so quick?
  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: They came with purpose and a plan, Spartan Vettel. that much is clear. Taurus leader to Victor Three-Two-One. Requesting a change to the LZ.
  • V-321: Destination?
  • Griffin: Set us down by that Banished artillery. We're taking them out.