Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Evacuation/07

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DEC 12, 2559 // Spartans Tomas Horvath and Fireteam Intrepid launch to the surface of Zeta Halo.

[Sound: Explosions.]

  • Spartan Tomas Horvath: Intrepid One, my drop pod is two klicks up-spin. On your tail in 10 seconds. There's a lot going on up here.
  • Intrepid One: Copy that, Infinity's getting torn up in orbit, but it's going to be way worse on the Ring's surface. Touchdown in ten. Let's be ready to hit the ground running, Intrepid.
  • Horvath: Copy that. Let's show 'em what Spartans can do.

[Sound: Static. Door opens. Clamoring and gunfire.]

  • Intrepid One: Go! Go! Go! Weapons free, Intrepid! Let's take this sector back from the Banished!

[Sound: Clamoring and gunfire.]