Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation A: Umbra

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Level Name Objective Reward
A-1: Assault on CF-32 Warm Up That Pitching Arm Kill 3 Grunt Minors with Frag Grenades 80 XP
Rookie Target Practice Kill 20 Elite Minors 170 XP
Sidearm Slaughter Kill 50 Grunt Minors with a Magnum 164 XP
A-2: The Mirror Mantle Counter-Assault A Shady Detonation Destroy 2 Shade Turrets with Plasma Grenades 86 XP
Scorch Mark Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Pistol 110 XP
Taste Your Own Medicine! Kill 40 Elite Minors with Plasma Repeaters 300 XP
A-3: Reinforcement of the Perch Gung Ho! Destroy 3 Shade Turrets with a Plasma Pistol 88 XP
Expert Target Practice Kill 30 Elite Minors with an Assault Rifle 240 XP
Sentry Post Kill 40 Grunt Minors with a Shade Turret 154 XP
A-4: Live to Fight Stick to This! Kill 5 Elite Minors with Plasma Grenades 104 XP
Burn Ward Kill 30 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Repeater 120 XP
Wrath of the Wraith Destroy 15 Wraiths with a Wraith 314 XP
A-5: The Last Stand Meatgrinder Mayhem Kill 15 Grunt Minors with a Machine Gun Turret 104 XP
Sting Like A Bee Destroy 4 Wraiths with a Magnum 128 XP
Stand-Off Shootout Kill 100 Covenant with the Shotgun 470 XP