Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Hazmat/Glove

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Gloves Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon for the Guardgrip gloves.
Korolev Heavy Industries Used when you need to reach out for a sample that may reach back. Legendary Purchase the "Temfor" bundle from the Shop for 1,800 cR
Model 78-C glove icon.
Model 78-C
Imbrium Machine Complex Even the tactile sensors are filtered and monitored for safety. Common Unlocked by default
iMEK glove icon.
JOTUN Heavy Industries Superior haptics. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 97 (Premium)
Icon of the Type HPE gloves.
Type HPE
JOTUN Heavy Industries Protective gloves with armor inlay. Epic Purchase the "First Responder" bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR