Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Eaglestrike/Chest

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Chest Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Cloudjumper Chest.
Fracture: Entrenched The trooper this belonged to won't be needing it anymore. Legendary Purchase "Leadbelcher Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,700 cR
Icon of the Dog Harness Chest
Dog Harness
Fracture: Entrenched A typical chest rig used by Army soldiers. The gas mask canister can safely store fresh food and - if extraordinarily lucky - tea. Epic Purchase "Eventide Infantry" Bundle from the Shop for 700 cR
Icon of the Jacknife Chest.
Fracture: Entrenched There is nothing subtle about a half-ton of energized plate. So why not go the extra few dozen kilos Legendary Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 25
Icon of the Journeyman Chest
Fracture: Entrenched Supplemental flux generator and ammo for lengthy patrols. Epic Purchase "Brodie Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR
Icon of the Trench Knife Chest
Trench Knife
Fracture: Entrenched When you wake up with a pack of corpse-rats nibbling at your toes you'll wish you had one. Epic Purchase from the Shop for 200 cR
Icon of the Wizard Pockets chest.
Wizard Pockets
Fracture: Entrenched You can never have enough pouches to stash ammo, medical supplies, and snacks. Epic Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 18