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The text archives are a set of archives dedicated to archiving the various online texts and images related to the Halo franchise.

Official archives

These archives take place on several official Halo locations, such as websites.


Main article: Archive:343industries.com

"343industries.com" is the website for its namesake studio 343 Industries. This is a text archive of the various sections and posts made on the website.


These are archives based on "Bungie" and several versions of their official website.

Graeme Devine's blog

Main article: Archive:Graeme Devine's Blog

Halo Wars writer Graeme Devine wrote a blog of self-ascribed non-canon "fan fiction" to help the Ensemble team get to grips with what working aboard the Spirit of Fire would be like. This is a text archive of these writings.

Halo Waypoint

Main article: Archive:Halo Waypoint

"Halo Waypoint" is the main official portal for the Halo franchise. This is a text archive of the various sections of the website.

Halo Wars Official Website

Main article: Archive:halowars.com

"halowars.com" was the official website run by Ensemble Studios for Halo Wars. It contained dev blogs, pre and post-release information and more.

Spartan Games

Main article: Archive:Spartan Games

These are archives of Halo content which took place on the Spartan Games website between February 2015 and July 2017.


Main article: Archive:Xbox.com

This archive contains the various Halo related aspects of the official Xbox website, Xbox.com.


Main article: Archive:Halo.msn.com

This is an archive of the content from Halo.msn.com.


Main article: Archive:Interviews

These interviews are discussions between people linked to the Halo Franchise and have been verified.

Internal archives

Main article: Archive:Internal

These are archives of verified discussions and miscellaneous stuff that was originally on the wiki. Archived here to help track them easier in the long run.


This section is dedicated to the miscellaneous archives that are not tied to the above sections.