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Bureaucrat, sometimes shortened to 'crat, is the single most powerful rank available to users on Halo Nation. Halo Nation Bureaucrats are entrusted with the ability to promote users to and demote users from the rank of Administrator. As a result, the Bureaucrat rank can only be held by a user who is simultaneously an Administrator.

As with all ranks on Halo Nation, the ideal Bureaucrat is simply an average user who has a few additional tools at their disposal. Bureaucrats should be friendly and welcoming to all users of Halo Nation and should only use their powers for the betterment of the site. If you suspect a Bureaucrat has abused their power, please report it to another member of the Administration.


Bureaucrats have the following capabilities:

  • Promote users to any rank, besides global FANDOM ranks. This should not be done except after a successful application.
  • Demote users of any rank, excluding global FANDOM ranks and other Bureaucrats.
  • Block users from editing the wiki.
  • Bypass any form of block issued against them.

For a complete list of Bureaucrat rights, see the user group rights page.


To qualify for a nomination for the Bureaucrat rank on Halo Nation, a user must meet the following requirements. Users who are nominated but do not meet these requirements will be rejected outright, without going to a vote.

  • Already have attained the rank of Administrator, at least a year before the nomination.
  • Been active for a minimum of six months in the lead-up to the nomination. "Active" in this case is defined as having made a minimum of one edit per month during that time.
  • Not had an unsuccessful rank nomination in the past three months. This excludes nominations which the user rejected.

Additionally, note that if (for whatever reason) a Bureaucrat resigns from or is demoted from the Administrator rank, they will also have the Bureaucrat rank removed, as all Bureaucrats must also be Administrators.


The application process for the Bureaucrat rank is the same as that for all other ranks. It is explained in detail on the Rank Structure page, here. There are only two differences between the application process for most ranks, and the application for Bureaucrat. Firstly, a user cannot nominate themself for Bureaucrat - it must be another user who does so, without any influence from the nominee. Secondly, whereas it is only a suggestion for most ranks, nominees for the Bureaucrat rank are required to answer the set of seven questions laid out on the Rank Structure page.

Historically, Administrators were automatically given the rank of Bureaucrat following a successful application (at that time called a Request for Adminship, or RfA), effectively making Bureaucrat and Administrator the same rank. This practice was discontinued some time around spring 2009. From then until summer 2017, there was no formal policy on the matter - Bureaucrats were promoted from the ranks of the administration as and when they were needed, on the basis of experience and trust.

List of Bureaucrats



(This may not be a complete list. Regretfully, an organised record was not kept before the policy overhaul in summer 2017.)


There are currently no open applications for the Bureaucrat rank.


FANDOM Staff and Helpers also have Bureaucrat privileges on Halo Nation, as well as every other wiki hosted by FANDOM. These users should only be contacted about Halo Nation issues as a last resort.