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Phoenix log artwork

Atriox's enforcers.

Only the most cunning and loyal Brutes are chosen as Atriox's personal enforcers. Their unquestioning devotion to Atriox makes them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and personal energy shields make them even harder to kill. Each Chosen is armed with the explosive grenade launcher commonly known as a Brute Shot, which can be upgraded to increase both damage and range.

Favored Chieftains in Atriox's retinue may be promoted to Atriox's Chosen, agents that intercede on his behalf to bring recalcitrant packs to heel and direct critical Banished operations. Answerable only to Atriox , these warriors are feared by lesser Brutes and hated by the Shipmaster’s troops, but none can deny their loyalty or ability to detect and destroy weak links in Banished operations. Many a prideful Chieftain who dared question Atriox's command have ended up as a problem ‘fixed' by of one of Atriox's inner circle.