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Expendable minions [and they know it].

Though derided as cannon fodder, there is no mistaking the military value of having an almost endless supply of cheap infantry armed with plasma pistols to hurl at a foe. Each Grunt squad is led by a Brute armed with a spike rifle who can be upgraded to plant a cloaked proximity-fused shrapnel mine on the battlefield. The Grunts can be upgraded to add a pack brother and lackeys.

Grunts may not be strong, brave, intelligent, hygienic, or particularly fearsome warriors, but those forced to serve the Banished have a healthy enough fear of their Brute leaders to stay on-task and motivated. Even if their fellows are used as target practice by bored Brutes or disintegrated by Forerunner sentinels, the survivors can at least look forward to a full food nipple and a brief nap in the methane atmosphere they call home.

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A bonded pair of walking tanks formed from colonies of worm-like aliens.

Hunters are super heavy infantry who fight in bonded pairs. Their massive shields help protect them from all frontal attacks, and their assault cannons deal heavy damage to any ground target and to vehicles in particular. Hunters can be upgraded to equip beam cannons which fire a constant stream of energy at a target.

Hunters are actually just one form taken by Lekgolo worm colonies, with other notable examples including the musculature and control systems for the Scarab and Locust. Always cryptic and undecipherable, Lekgolo in the service of the Banished seem curiously aggressive and the Brutes take great care to separate them from the general population of thralls and mercenaries under their banner to avoid unnecessary carnage. It's possible the Hunters' service is not voluntary, though only Atriox's inner circle knows the truth.

Suicide Grunts
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Grunts with explosive tempers.

Suicide Grunts are specially chosen infantry with exaggerated aggressive tendencies. Each Grunt is fitted with an unstable plasma cell and detonator and given only one order: rush the assigned target and violently explode. They can be upgraded with new "recruits" and plasma lensing which increases their damage against structures and vehicles.

Truly aggressive and violent Grunts are rare, but without Covenant oversight or the environmental hazards of Balaho to cull them from the population, the number of aberrants has increased dramatically in thrall colonies. The Banished have adapted existing indoctrination protocols to turn the aggression and natural cleverness of these Grunts to their own violent purposes.

Jump Pack Brutes
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Fast-moving assault troops.

This Brute heavy infantry unit is equipped with jump packs and armed with hammers. The Brutes can leap a great distance with the packs assistance, unleashing a crushing attack at their destination that deals area-of-effect damage. Jump Brutes in the service of Atriox also drop trip mines along their jump path to deter enemy pursuit. All Jump Pack Brute squads can increase their unit size with the dark skies upgrade.

Favored by Atriox for their mobility and savagery, the Banished make extensive use of Jump Pack Brutes for reconnaissance, hit-and-run harassment, and devastating close-quarters assaults. Though the jump packs cannot provide full flight capabilities and must cool down after each use, they allow the Brute warriors to quickly smash into enemy lines, crushing all who stand against the Banished.

Elite Rangers
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Anti-infantry marksman and skirmishers.

The Elite Rangers are specialist infantry units devoted to anti-personnel duties. They are armed with rapid-fire Covenant Carbines with excellent range. They rely on their mobility to stay out of danger and can often severely diminish enemy forces before being with range of a counterattack.

Rangers serve as the skirmishers and snipers of the Shipmaster's mercenary group, tasked with eliminating high-value enemy leaders and scouting routes for his raiding squads. Rangers deploy in pairs that can operate for days, even weeks, away from the main Banished forces. All are hardened raiders and merciless killers who would [and did] sell their own clan if there was profit in it.

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Prime Hunter.

The Goliath is a superheavy infantry unit deployed by Colony to protect areas it finds of particular importance. It is walking tank that bulldozes foes with its powerful melee smash attacks, crushing anything that gets in its way. What it can’t immediately destroy with its smashing blows can be dealt with using the Goliath’s ram ability, which does massive damage and stuns the target temporarily. The Goliath's Rage upgrade significantly increases melee and ram damage, making it even more of a terror against enemy vehicles.

Unlike a typical Mgalekgolo pair, which splits a colony into two independent bodies, the Goliath is a Hunter-style body containing a single colony that optimizes brute strength over all other considerations. Inside the Goliath’s armored shell most of the Lekgolo eel-worms in the gestalt adapt to function as corded pseudo-muscle and thick-skinned protective bands, with a minimum of sensory and cognitive function. Goliaths are not easily self-sustained due to their ravenous hunger for nutrients, and are typically only seen in times of extreme danger among feral Lekgolo, but Colony can coerce or direct subsidiary Hunter gestalts into this form seemingly at will.

Elite Enforcers
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Instruments of vengeance.

The Enforcers are fast-moving, battle-hardened Sangheili armed with plasma rifles, plasma casters, and plasma grenades which can be deployed by the Arbiter in place of Jump Pack Brutes. They excel in hit—and—run attacks where they can rush in to attack with their plasma weapons and then disengage to allow their energy shields to regenerate.

Enforcers can also use their special Stasis Grenade ability to take targets they cannot effectively deal with out of action, and raid enemy bases to shut down production for a short time. They can be upgraded with an Arbiter's Champion to add an additional Sangheili warrior armed with a plasma caster.

Disgraced Sangheili have few options to recover their honor, even in death. Had Ripa joined with Atriox and thrown off the Prophets' shackles he had powerful tools to exploit Sangheili warriors seeking redemption. Though Ripa could not lead through loyalty or charisma as a general, as the Arbiter he could bind Sangheili with iron-clad oaths that traded unquestioning service as his vassals for a return to the rolls of honor.

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Grunts commanded by an Elite

The Grunts in this squad are armed with plasma pistols, led by an Elite with a plasma rifle. Upgrades allow the unit to cloak themselves for a while and add an Elite second—in—command.

A Grunt's lot is not a happy one, but this squad has the advantage of being led by an Elite rather than a Brute, and whilst their average life-span is still short, it may be fractionally less unpleasant. The unit is relatively fast and effective against all enemy types and better at ranged combat than a Brute—led squad.

Cannon Fodder
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Quantity is its own quality.

Cannon Fodder are an infantry unit which replaces standard Grunts in Yapyap THE DESTROYER'S army. They are unarmed, excitable, and poorly trained, but free: they cost no resources to deploy [just takes time and population cap]. Though each unit is not exactly a powerhouse combatant, the Grunt Swarms are very useful for scouting, overwhelming enemy positions, and capturing points. In addition to standard infantry upgrades the Swarm can be trained in ancient Unggoy art of being Anklebiters, which gives them a weak close—combat capability and ability to dogpile the enemy and slow them down. Yapyap can also get them fired up with his Refer a Friend upgrade, which gives the unit a self—heal by packaging his best—selling novel on Grunt leadership together with some bandages.

An endless horde of overzealous Unggoy, ready to be marched into battle at a moment's notice! As Yapyap has lost [he says "misplaced"] more Grunts in their revolution than were even carried to the Ark in the first place, it's a bit of a mystery where these recruits are coming from. All that anyone knows for sure is that Yapyap THE DESTROYER argues with his Throne of Woe, gives it a few good kicks, and glassy—eyed reinforcements show up at camp the next day, ready to fight for the glory of Yapyap! In these dark days Grunts adrift are a gift, so other Grunts don't ask any questions.

Heavy Grunts
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They eat Spartans for breakfast!

Heavy Grunts are elite infantry who replace Jump Pack Brutes. Heavy Grunts are Yapyap THE DESTROYER'S enforcers , wearing heavy armor and armed with plasma pistols. When they need to break out the big guns the leader uses his Fuel Rod Cannon. This cannon can be upgraded with the party's Over special ability, which fires an EMP round that stuns vehicles and aircraft. And though war never changes, their unit size can. The My Plus One upgrade adds an additional squad member to the entourage.

Heavily augmented using strange machinery found on the Ark, Heavy Grunts are part Grunt, part machine, all awesome. Even without their new battle armor the Heavy Grunts are bad to the bone, and their chainmail undervests, mirrorshade lenses, and bad attitude prove it. They are led by the Shadow Master of Buwan, a red—beret—wearing Grunt spoken of in hushed whispers, who has taught his disciples ancient Balaho martial arts and a number of useful rope knot tricks.

Grunt Riders
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Backseat driver.

The Grunt Rider is an infantry unit which replaces Suicide Grunts. The Grunts chosen to lord it over captured Brutes still lack much common sense, so going from carrying a backpack to being a backpack may not be a step up. Grunt Riders have a simple partnership with their Brutes: the Brutes punch things with their fists, while the Grunts tell them where to go and throw plasma grenades at enemies, allies, small animals, inanimate objects, and strange noises. The Brute's attacks as-is, they can upgrade their punch force with Grunt-engineered plasma gloves by investing in Punch Harder, You!

Unlike methane and infusions, the Grunt and Brute pairing is not a perfect match. Among other quirks, some Brute Riders have a tendency to develop an obsession with biofuels, power management, and gladiatorial fights, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the rebellion. Other Brute Riders suffer "accidents" at the fists of the Brutes if they get too bossy. The rest simply hope to survive long enough to get promoted to Locust driver or methane hauler.

Brute Grenadier
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Destroyers and despoilers.

Brute Grenadiers are a special infantry unit available to Voridus. Their Gel Siphon ability allows them to absorb nearby infusion pools and harness that energy to overcharge their iatrochemically-enhanced armor and grenade launchers.

On death, their equipment explodes, doing damage to nearby units and leaving behind an infusion pool. Their weapons can be upgraded with Hard-Target Detonators to cause additional damage against vehicles and structures, and Infused Grenades which increases grenade attack range and creates short-lived energy pools at the point of impact.

The Brute Grenadiers are madmen and savages who are too unstable and crude to advance in the Banished hierarchy. With few other options to seek glory, they have turned to Voridus, who offers a place in the vanguard of his pack for any willing to test his latest inventions. Glory they will have, even as their bodies rot from the inside out from exposure to the unspeakably toxic by-products of the power they abuse.

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Fast scout armed with twin plasma cannons.

Exclusively used by the Shipmaster for their speed and firepower, Ghosts are single-occupant anti-grav speeders armed with twin plasma cannons and the ram ability to decimate enemy infantry squads. Ghosts can also negate control over resource nodes. With the ghost shield upgrade the Ghost becomes a significantly more durable and effective high-speed raider.

The Ghost is one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous vehicles on the battlefield. It is less armored than its Brute counterpart, the Chopper, but this sacrifice grants it nearly unmatched speed. This speed makes it useful for harassing and hit-and-run tactics on the field.

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Aggressive scout and anti-infantry vehicle.

The Brute counterpart to the Ghost, Choppers are durable raiding vehicles that can deal out punishment with its twin spiker autocannons and ability to ram enemy forces that approach too close. The spike cannons can be upgraded with shrapnel rounds for additional explosive punch.

The Chopper gets its name from sharp rotary blades mounted at the front of the chassis to ram enemy vehicles and shred ground troops, a savage tactic reflective of Brute culture. Choppers are so popular among the Banished that competition to become a driver in the outrider squadrons is a major source of death and injury among Atriox's packs.

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Heavy mortar tank.

The Wraith is a tank armed with a plasma mortar for long-range bombardment and short-range plasma cannons for engaging ground and air units. Wraiths in Banished service are fitted with energy shields. The Wraith's can be upgraded to fire a scorch mortar; the impact of this system's unstable plasma shells leaves a lingering pool of energy after impact.

Modified to fit the Brutes' warlike aesthetic, the Wraith serves the Banished as both a mainline tank and artillery piece. Armed with its distinctive plasma mortar the Wraith can shatter heavily reinforced defenses from long distances or engage closer targets with devastating barrages. Despite the Wraith's large size, its boosted gravity drive allows for impressive bursts of speed and surprisingly agile maneuvers over most terrain.

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Fast, medium tank.

The Marauder is an infantry-fighting vehicle armed with a heavy plasma turret. Marauders can be upgraded with modular plates of thick hide to increase their staying power in escalating battles, and those in the Shipmaster's service can also be fitted with cloak systems.

Usually operating in close support of Banished infantry, the Marauder is a Jiralhanae design that traces its origins to armored hovercraft that ranged on the plains of Doisac during the world wars that eventually devastated their civilization. The vehicle is also found the service of the mercenary Shipmaster as a heavier support vehicle for his Ghost raiders.

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Anti-aircraft combat walker armed with rapid-fire missile launchers.

The Reaver is a walker unit unique to the Banished, built to act as a highly mobile counter-air unit. It is armed with Thrasher missile pods that track on enemy aircraft and a light spiker autocannon that can deter attack by infantry and light armored vehicles. It can use its Predatory Leap ability to jump short distances, useful for setting up ambushes or evading attack.

The Reaver is a relatively new addition to the Banished arsenal, and its manufacturer is unknown-though it bears telltale marks of both workshop and assembly vat construction. which hints at an origin on Doisac. They have largely replaced the AA Wraith and anti-aerospace fortifications in the Banished forces, and have quickly earned a dreaded reputation among the Spirit of Fire's pilots.

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Siege walker.

Locust walkers are siege vehicles armed with an unstable focus cannon that deals continuous damage to buildings and vehicles. Locusts are fitted with energy shields but are relatively fragile once those shields are depleted.

One of the many Covenant vehicles modified by the Banished to serve their needs, the Locust is a walker unit originally built for mining and excavation purposes. The Covenant repurposed Locusts to demolish enemy buildings and outposts with sustained bombardment from their focus cannons, but the Banished have managed to make these vehicles even more dangerous than they were before.

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Superheavy assault walker with devastating excavation beam.

Few weapon platforms strike as much fear into an opponent as Scarabs. Massive and armored with nearly impenetrable battleplate, most battles end soon after a Scarab appears. Banished Scarabs are armed with an unstable plasma beam that deals incredible ground-target damage and Thrasher missiles for air defense. The Scarab is slow but very mobile and can easily travel up cliffs and across rough terrain.

Scarabs are highly prized excavation vehicles, though in Banished service they are almost exclusively used as war machines. Heavily modified by the Banished to maximize firepower, the unstable plasma generators used in these Scarabs quickly kill the Lekgolo worms that form its control system. Atriox cares not for this sacrifice as long as the Scarabs continue to bring him victories.

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Fast scout walker and escort.

Skitterer units are mechanized scouts piloted by Lekgolo. They are cheap, expendable vehicles, and their twin-linked beam cannons are surprisingly lethal for a vehicle of this size. Their most notable feature is that they can use a defend ability to set up a protective overwatch on other friendly units and act as a weapon turret and defense shield, increasing the health of the attached unit as well as providing additional firepower. Most units can have at least one Skitterer attached, including infantry and aircraft. The defensive link cannot be undone during a mission.

The harsh restrictions on AI research in the Covenant limited the development of autonomous weapon systems, though clever San’Shyuum technicians did find that carefully selected and pruned Lekgolo colonies could substitute for artificial minds in some applications. Though never widely used, combat machines such as the Skitterer proved this approach had merit, though the risk of aberrant gestalts in small colonies meant it never saw widespread use. Colony has adapted and perfected this technique, which allows for the integration of Lekgolo with the Banished Locust and mass production of Skitterers without the behavioral issues that plagued earlier work.

Methane Wagon
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Flamethrower guitar attachment is on order.

The Methane Wagon is a support vehicle unit which can be deployed by Yapyap THE DESTROYER. It's slow, rickety, unstable, and the parking brake is a chunk of wood, but other than that it works as well as you would expect a Grunt contraption to. Whether by design or malfunction the Wagon emits a Methane Aura: clouds of infusion-enriched methane that enhance the aggression and damage of nearby Grunts, while confusing and reducing the damage of enemy units in the stinky cloud. The Wagon can also make special deliveries of enriched gas clouds by catapult—launching kegs with the Methane Delivery special ability. The aura and clouds can be upgraded with The Good Stuff by drawing upon illegal infusions stashed aboard by its party-hard operators. Unfortunately, these special brews are rather...volatile. The Methane Wagon will detonate violently when its structural integrity is compromised.

Yapyap THE DESTROYER dreams of owning a fleet of gold-plated warships to lord over the mean streets of Balaho. Well, Yapyap doesn't yet have the gekz saved up to afford that, so he has to settle for a souped—up Shadows in the meantime. But with a few more successes on the Ark he can at least upgrade them with aftermarket iridium plating, hubcaps molded with the face of legendary Grunt heroes, and massive spoilers which ensure the Great Journey can be travelled in style. Although it has not yet reached its final form the Methane Wagon's mix of combat and support abilities do make it the mullet of Grunt mechanized warfare: all business on the front lines, but party central in the rear.

Volatile Scarab
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Overcharged weapons systems make this modified assault platform even more deadly for both enemies and for the Scarab's own crew.

Never one to leave a good weapon alone, once Voridus learned how to harness the power of infusion gel he immediately started testing its application to all available Banished systems. Not all vehicles could accommodate the large containment systems required to weaponize the gel, but in the case of the Scarab that extra bulk was trivial addition. The Infused Scarabs fielded by Voridus are capable of spreading massive pools of the damaging energy gel across the battlefield while retaining the Scarab's base resilience and ability to traverse even the largest combat obstacles.

Voridus enjoys taking personal command of his Infused Scarabs whenever possible but retains a small cadre of specially selected pilots ready to take over for him when he is otherwise occupied. The prospect of charging into withering enemy fire while riding atop massive tanks of the most volatile liquid known to Banished armorers takes a special kind of crazy, which Voridus knows all too well how to engender in his troops.

Wraith Invader
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Assault transport.

The Wraith Invader is an infantry fighting vehicle available to Warlord Pavium. It is armed with a siphoning beam, which repairs the transport, and can carry two units of infantry. Each of the infantry units can fire out of the Wraith Invader. In addition to standard vehicle upgrades the gravity propulsion system of the Wraith Invader can be boosted with Carrier Overdrive, significantly increasing its shield strength and damage.

In the Covenant, ecclesiastical authorities ultimately oversaw even the most trivial modifications to existing designs. Improvements or alterations required layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and often took decades to gain approval from the Prophets. The Banished approval process is much simpler: if there is a demonstrated need and materials available a pack leader can make any changes that he or she wishes. The Wraith Invader is an example of this freedom, with Pavium taking damaged mortar tank hulls and repurposing them into heavy troop carriers.

Phoenix log artwork

Versatile combat dropship.

The distinctive 'tuning-fork' shape of the Spirit comes from the twin carrier bays that extend out from the pilot's compartment at the rear of the ship. The Banished have reengineered the Spirit's contragravity system so that its chassis can take the strain of transporting prefabricated buildings to forward command centers.

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Super Heavy deployment platform.

The Banished have appropriated Lich transports and repurposed them to function as carriers for the central command structures of their raider bases.

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Enigmatic living machines with remarkable repair abilities.

The Engineers are non-combat infantry support units that can heal nearby friendly units and structures with their reconstitution beams. They can float over cliffs and other impediments to escape danger, but have no offensive abilities. Engineers have an ability to create an overshield bubble to briefly protect itself and nearby allies.

Mysterious living machines created by the Forerunners to function as techno-savants, Engineers have peerless knowledge of all types of technology and seemingly inexhaustible wells of ingenuity in modifying and repairing machinery.

"Born" with an obsession to maintain and protect Forerunner artifacts, Engineers in the service of the Banished exist in constant agony due to the control yokes bonded to their flesh forcing them to ignore endless requests for maintenance from the Ark as a result of Atriox's extraction and excavation efforts.

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Multi-role attack aircraft.

The Banshee is a versatile attack aircraft armed with anti-aircraft plasma cannons and a ground attack fuel rod cannon. The fuel rod cannon can be upgraded to fire a powerful tracking plasma torpedo that is surprisingly effective against air units.

The earliest models of Banshees were modelled after the 'sKelln, a leathery winged flying predator from the Sangheili homeworld, Sanghelios. The Banished have twisted this ancient ancestry to make it look similar to an aerial predator hailing from their own homeworld, Doisac.

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A heavy air unit that launches barrages of plasma missiles.

The tick-like Blisterback is a massive aerial siege vehicle developed and built by the Banished. It is designed to alternate between two modes: On the ground it deploys to fire Annihilator siege missiles. and While in the air it fires medium plasma cannons that can engage ground and air targets.

On the ground the Blisterback enters a lockdown mode, stabilizing itself before its carapace splits open, revealing a battery of long range rockets. It can then exit lockdown mode to become airborne, closing the rocket carapace and tucking its legs underneath its body to perform a vertical take-off and enabling the use of its medium range plasma cannon to bombard the enemy.

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Support vehicle with cloaking field and point defense system.

A war machine from the Covenant's past given new life in Banished service, the Shroud is a support air unit with two combat modes. When deployed, the Shroud activates a persistent cloaking field around the vehicle. When not cloaked, the Shroud engages a point defense system that attempts to shoot down incoming enemy projectiles. The Shroud has no offensive capabilities.

The Shroud is difficult to pilot, with complicated subsystems made even less reliable by Banished tinkering, but its utility in concealing and defending raiding parties means Atriox spares no expense in maintaining his stock of the vehicles.

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Assault dropship.

The Phantom is a fast, heavily armed aerial transport available to the Arbiter. It is armed with heavy plasma cannons for engaging enemy air and ground targets, and can embark up to two infantry squads using its integral grav lift. These squads can fire from the Phantom, or be deployed at any time with the Eject ability. The Phantom's speed can be increased with the Swift Wings upgrade.

The Enduring Conviction carried a number of Phantom dropships to augment its existing stocks of Spirit troop carriers and Lich deployment platforms when it deployed to the Ark. The Banished Phantoms that would have been used by the Arbiter are heavily modified to serve as gunships and firing platforms, and are capable of long-range subluminal travel.

Infused Engineer
Phoenix log artwork

Aberrant Huragok.

Infused Engineers replace standard Engineers in Voridus' army. They retain the Huragok reconstitution beam but channel large infused gel pools instead of creating overshield bubbles with their special ability.

Extended exposure to the toxic residue of Voridus' experiments with infusion gel has altered his Huragok assistants, causing some to simply fall apart while the rest have been changed in other-more subtle-ways. These "damaged" Engineers are shunned by their healthy companions and display distinctly non-Huragok behaviors, such as a lack of interest in repairing Forerunner machinery and sabotaging equipment of Banished who have annoyed them in the past. As long as the Infused Engineers continue to perform their duties for him, however, Voridus has little interest in their long-term health or new behaviors.

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Decimus' infantry champions.

Brute Warlords are among the most fearsome infantry in the Banished forces. They are armed with devastating gravity hammers and have energy shields to supplement their already-heavy armor and hides. Their gravity hammers emit a massive shockwave which damages and stuns all nearby ground units.

Each Brute that holds the Warlord rank has been promoted by Decimus for their raw strength, savage lust for battle, and the complete absence of mercy on the battlefield. While the Brutes who make up Atriox's Chosen share their leader's cunning, Decimus encourages more base traits in his warriors, chief among which is an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Atriox's Chosen
Phoenix log artwork

Atriox's enforcers.

Only the most cunning and loyal Brutes are chosen as Atriox's personal enforcers. Their unquestioning devotion to Atriox makes them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and personal energy shields make them even harder to kill. Each Chosen is armed with the explosive grenade launcher commonly known as a Brute Shot, which can be upgraded to increase both damage and range.

Favored Chieftains in Atriox's retinue may be promoted to Atriox's Chosen, agents that intercede on his behalf to bring recalcitrant packs to heel and direct critical Banished operations. Answerable only to Atriox , these warriors are feared by lesser Brutes and hated by the Shipmaster’s troops, but none can deny their loyalty or ability to detect and destroy weak links in Banished operations. Many a prideful Chieftain who dared question Atriox's command have ended up as a problem ‘fixed' by of one of Atriox's inner circle.

Honor Guard
Phoenix log artwork

Personal guard of Shipmaster Let 'Volir.

These mercenaries are the infantry bodyguard of Let 'Volir, armed with energy swords and equipped with active camouflage. The Honor Guard can cloak for a limited time, allowing them to close to melee range and engage with their swords.

Borrowing the ceremonial gear and matching the martial prowess of the old Covenant Honor Guard, these mercenary sword masters evoke the traditions and accomplishments of their forebears in the service of their Shipmaster and his unconventional arrangement with Atriox and the Banished. Though the Honor Guards' motives are not as pure as they once were, only a fool would dare risk their wrath by challenging their presumed honor and skill.

Hunter Captain
Phoenix log artwork

Impervious Lekgolo commander.

The Hunter Captain is a superheavy hero employed by Colony. Their thick armor and massive shield makes them extremely durable, at the expense of mobility. Each Captain is armed with a modified siphon beam that drains health from those it attacks, and it can protect nearby allies by using a taunt ability to temporarily redirect nearby enemy attacks to itself. The siphon beam can be upgraded with an overcharge ability, increasing range, damage, and an area of effect.

Colony deploys Hunter Captains to locations where some element of its plan or Banished operations requires direct intervention and monitoring. One can be sure that all Banished Lekgolo colonies and gestalts will be operating at full efficiency if these “officers” are present in the battle. Each Captain is linked directly to Colony and its distant bond-brother over a specially modified battlenet relay. The Captains themselves exhibit individual peculiarities and attitudes, though none could be said to be personable.

The Arbiter
Phoenix log artwork

Ripa 'Moramee

Though a talented strategist, Ripa prefers to make fights personal. On the battlefield Ripa wields his two relic blades with devastating skill, and can trigger his Arbiter’s Rage ability to temporarily become a murderous avatar of war.

While Raging the Arbiter can leap to attack air units, moves faster and does significantly more damage. Upgrades include Swift Fury which increases his movement speed and damage, Conduit Incarnate which activates Conduit of Rage when the Arbiter kills an enemy while Raging. and Arbiter's Reprisal which reflects damage back towards his attackers.

Grunt Goblin
Phoenix log artwork

Large and in charge.

Those nasty humans and Banished bullies won't know what smacked them when the Grunt Goblin enters the battlefield! Piloted by Top Grunt jockeys, each Goblin is armed with unstoppable power wrists and heavy needle cannon right from the start, and can upgrade to the Shardstorm launcher for additional crystalline explosive fireworks. When the Goblins fancy feet get to stepping they can be upgraded to allow Grunt Hustle, increasing the movement speed for all nearby friendly units for a short period of time. While footloose and fancy free under the effect of the Grunt Hustle, the Goblin and nearby Grunt units are deadlier - as deadly as a Grunt can be, that is. And nest-mother said those dancing lessons would never pay off!

Also known as the Balaho battlesuit, Goblins are a patent—pending combination of amazing good looks and punchiness in a single value—packed package. But wait, there's more! Act now and you can get not one. Not two. But THREE Goblins on the battlefield, for a true Grunty triple—threat. Forget fighting fair, for these suits have hearts of blamite and fists of justice that will deliver the Ark to its rightful owners: the Unggoy. And with the Ark in their grasping claws the rest of the galaxy will tremble! At least, that's what the Throne of Woe keeps telling Yapyap THE DESTROYER. But wait, how did Yapyap get ahold of these incredible new machines and find time to modify them? Mind your own business is how.

Phoenix log artwork

The corrupter.

Voridus takes to the field an iatrochemically-enhanced armour powered by tanks of infusion gel. Voridus can drop this gel from his tanks, leaving long-lasting toxic energy pools in his wake which damage enemy units but which can be harnessed by his allies.

Though he takes to the field with a standard gravity hammer, once he acquires enough resources he replaces it with an Infused Hammer, which creates energy pools with each strike and synergizes with his armor. Voridus can also intentionally release gel from his tanks when he activates his Salt the Earth ability, leaving wide energy pools in his wake.

Phoenix log artwork

Unyielding tyrant.

Pavium is a traditional Jiralhanae combat engineer, taking to the field of battle as an engine of destruction, smashing enemy lines as part of the pack's vanguard. His panoply of war always includes his custom warplate gifted to him by Decimus.

On the battlefield, Pavium is a walking tank armed with a Heavy Mortar System for direct bombardment and a Target Designator for calling out high-value targets for combined fire. Targets painted by Pavium's designator cannot benefit from stealth and take additional damage. This effect continues until the painted unit dies, moves out of range, or Pavium cancels the ability. Upgrades include Designator Shells, which temporarily paints targets hit by his mortar and an Advanced Designator, which also paints the enemies close to the main target.