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Clan's Blade
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Slipspace drive:


Service information

Last sighted:

850 BCE

Known commanders:

Ussa 'Xellus




Clan's Blade was the personal ship of the Sangheili rebellion leader Ussa 'Xellus in 851 BCE. Small but slipspace-capable, Clan's Blade was blue and red in color and shaped like a dart. The ship was only large enough for a handful of passengers and had a tiny bridge.[1]


In 851 BCE, Ussa 'Xellus used Clan's Blade to travel from Sanghelios to Creck, a Sangheili mining colony, with his mate, Sooln. He landed at one of the colony's spaceports and headed for the mines in an attempt to rally more Sangheili for his rebellion against the newly formed Covenant. Although his attempts failed, 'Crecka met with Ussa and Sooln at Clan's Blade and convinced them to allow him aboard. 'Crecka told Ussa about Shield World 0673 and told him that he could use it as refuge for his allies. Intrigued, the three Sangheili departed in Clan's Blade for the shield world. Upon arrival at the world Ussa landed Clan's Blade on a portal on the shield world to gain access to its interior. An airlock formed around the ship, whereupon the Sangheili moved out to explore the artificial world, soon meeting with monitor Enduring Bias. Ussa later returned to Sanghelios in Clan's Blade to transport the rest of his allies to the shield world.[1]

Once 'Xellus and his followers arrived at the shield world, Clan's Blade was one of the three vessels used by the Ussans. In 850 BCE, Salus 'Crolon betrayed the Ussans and used Clan's Blade to escape the shield world. Clan's Blade entered slipstream space and escaped the Ussan system. The ship was eventually intercepted and captured by the Covenant.[2] 'Crolon attempted to offer the Covenant coordinates to the shield world in exchange for his freedom, but the Covenant simply searched the navigational systems of Clan's Blade to retrieve the coordinates and 'Crolon was imprisoned.[3]

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