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FEB 02, 2560 // UNSC forces defend the Mortal Reverie, but realize it's falling quickly to the Banished.

[Sound: Clamoring. Gunfire.]

  • Marine: We can't hold them back much longer, sir! There's too many!
  • Spartan Bertold Vettel: We don't have a choice. If we lose Reverie, we lose everything. Hold the line, marines!

[Sound: Gunfire.]

  • Spartan Nina Kovan: The marine is correct, Vettel. Infantry and armor are pouring into valley by the hundreds. The Reverie is already lost.
  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: So what? We just abandon it?
  • Kovan: Griffin warned us of this possibility. It is why we stayed behind. We must save who we can.
  • Vettel: She's right. We either leave now or Reverie becomes a graveyard. Makovich, get the order out. Everyone falls back. Everyone.