Z-180 Scattershot/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • In the campaign, the Scattershot's first appearance is in Forerunner. It later appears in all subsequent missions with Promethean enemies with the sole exception of Reclaimer.
  • The Scattershot is highly effective at dealing with Promethean Knights and Elites up close.
  • In Infinity Slayer, the Scattershot is a relatively common Ordnance drop weapon that also and spawns at the start of match on several maps, such as Adrift, Abandon, and Haven.
    • The weapon is best used in engagements at extremely close range, such as the enclosed hallways of Adrift or out of the lifts on Abandon.
  • The Scattershot is ideal as a defensive weapon in object-based matches.
  • Do not overestimate the short range of the projectiles, though, as they dissipate after traveling for a very short period of time.
  • The slow reload speed means that a Scattershot user should seek cover immediately or switch to a weapon more suitable for medium or long range combat.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • The Scattershot, while more or less identical to its previous rendition, has been changed:
    • The projectiles are now in a consistent spread-X pattern.
    • With smart scoping, the weapon gains more accuracy at longer ranges. Zooming in will cause the entire weapon to extend, and the shots become altered to form into a manageable, more constricted spread-X pattern.
    • The projectiles now fire in groups of 8 instead of 6. In addition, they feature moderate tracking after ricochets, opening up a wider range of kills, although the projectiles deal less damage after ricochets.
      • With ricochets, the Scattershot takes three shots to kill a Spartan.
    • The maximum projectile range is now 39.43 m (129.36 ft).
  • The Scattershot's first appearance in the campaign is in Osiris, found in a few Forerunner weapons caches and from dead Knights. It later appears in all subsequent missions featuring Promethean enemies, unlike in Halo 4.
  • The Scattershot is a brutal tool for controlling a point in Strongholds, protecting a flag in CTF, or cleaning out an Armory in Warzone.
  • It is less effective for long range engagements past 10.3 meters (34 ft), though, as its range increase is not that dramatic.
  • Warzone, Arena, and Campaign include two additional variants:
    • Loathsome Thing: an improved Scattershot with a doubled magazine size, slightly more damage, a faster rate of fire, and a faster reload time per projectile, making it useful for dealing with multiple enemies up close. This particular weapon appears in Osiris, found in a pair.
    • Didact's Signet: an advanced Scattershot that fires four projectiles with greater range, higher damage, and stronger tracking after ricochets. This weapon is highly ideal for destroying enemies up to 21 meters (69 ft) when scoped in, and for hitting enemies around corners and out of sight in close quarters. It has a maximum projectile range of 48.74 m (159.91 ft), 23.6% up from the standard weapon.
      • This particular weapon appears in The Breaking, where it comes in handy due to many tight corridors and/or obstructive scenery objects that facilitate long-range ricochet shots against Armiger Soldiers.
      • With ricochets, the Didact's Signet takes two shots to kill a Spartan.