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Wendy House[1] is located in the Threat Analysis Wing of HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6. It was formerly used to stage war-games and table-top exercises.


Wendy House was used during the Insurrection to stage exercises.

On January 26, 2553, ODST troopers Mal Geffen and Vaz Beloi met here with Sgt. Devereaux, Naomi-010, Capt. Serin Osman, Prof. Evan Phillips, and Margaret O. Parangosky to recruit Mal and Vaz for a mission to arm Sangheili dissidents.


Having not been in use for years, the walls were lined with old chat display panels showing trouble spots which had not been active for decades. The tables, which featured an oak-effect surface, were arranged in a rectangle. Like much of Bravo-6, the room was soundproofed.[2]


A Wendy house is a small play house for children. It was inspired by a house in the book "Peter Pan", by J.M. Barrie, which Peter and the Lost Boys built one for Wendy[3].

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