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November 19th

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Hey, I'm Rusty-112. I'm an editor and administrator, and I have one of the highest edit counts of all Halopedians. My areas of expertise focus around Halo's in-universe plot, both in-game and in the Halo novels.

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Hey Rusty,

I just made a proposal for a big gameplay-related project over on the forums. If you've got the time to read through it (it's pretty lengthy), I'd appreciate your feedback. No pressure, though, if you don't have the time to spare - just be aware that the change may be coming if the community supports it. The TL;DR is that I want to make pages such as "Sniper rifle" and "Rocket launcher" into primarily gameplay-related articles rather than disambiguation pages, and move all the gameplay stuff off of the other articles like SRS99C-S2 AM and M41 SPNKr. Let me know what you think.


Dab1001's user page Dab1001 (talkcontributions) This user is an andmin on Halopedia.


No problem! The links should be sorted shortly.


Hey! Thanks for the congratulations. I really appreciated your support in the vote :)

Regarding the level page renames, I did discuss it quite a bit beforehand with a bunch of people on the Discord, including CIA, BaconShelf and CMDR RileySV. Apologies for leaving you out of the loop. Next time I do anything major like this, I'll be sure to make a post about it on the forums so people who don't frequent the Discord can still voice their thoughts.

Anyhow, to explain further, the basic idea was to make sure that whatever people are most likely to be searching for is what takes precedence, to make navigating the site easier. For the most part, this is pretty easy to judge - people are more likely to be looking for the level Tayari Plaza than the location Tayari Plaza, for instance. In cases where it's more tricky to judge, I discussed it with the folks in the Discord, and in some cases we used the site's Google Analytics statistics to inform our decision. For instance, for the example given by the MoS (Long Night of Solace), the ship page received 1,519 unique page views over the last 30 days compared to only 408 for the level. The New Alexandria case was a lot more difficult to call, with 571 views of the location page compared to 474 for the level - which I treated as within the margin of error (given that some of the location page's views are likely to have come from people who were originally looking for the level). We discussed it on the Discord, and came to the decision to prioritise the level page. This case was probably the closest to call out of all of the ones that were renamed, though, and a case could certainly be made that we should make the plain "New Alexandria" page into a disambig instead. If you would prefer that, let me know and I'll go ahead and do it.

Also, with regards to the Manual of Style, I think it could use some updating in this regard. I believe that we should be prioritising the page that is more notable all of the time, not just when it's "considerably more notable" than the universe article. This change in general would result in a better experience for our readership, IMO. I'll bring this up with the other staff on the Discord and see what they think. What would your opinion be on such a change?

Lastly, BaconShelf offered to handle the link changes with his bot, rather than me having to do them all by hand. He's currently gotten up to Halo 3. I've had a bit of PC troubles lately, so I've been unable to pitch in with my bot, but once I can get AWB up and running on my laptop, I'll start helping out as well. We should have all the links cleaned up quickly.

Looking back, I just realised I've written a huge text wall. Sorry about that xD



Hey, I saw your posto n Dab's wall, but as someone involved with the project I felt I can offer some explanation. The levels/ lore project has been something pretty heavily discussed between myself, Dab, CIA and a few other people in the Discord over the past few days, as part of some more wider work we're doing to bring up site accessibility for more general audiences. I'm working on bot-changing a lot of the links to make the transition smoother (and cleaning up excess redirects as I go), but I haven't got round to changing most links from 3-onwards, so I'm sure any feedback or suggestion on this is much appreciated.


Ok, thank you very much. I wanted to make sure that i would not be doing anything against the site rules. Have a great day!


Dear Spartan Rusty-122,

Is it ok for me to create a non-canon lore event, never mentioned in any halo game or book? I have had this ruminating for a while. Please respond with your answer soon.



Hola there, can I request you change your entire "Uploaded" gallery into this sorta thing


It would keep a log of the Uploaded files. Without causing issues with getting files needing to be replaced/renamed like plenty of the files in your userpage does.

You can see what it does here


As an Admin of Halopedia. Are you able to join the Halopedia Discord server? Info down below.

If you join please mention me with @CIA391#6775 so I can promote you on it.


Thanks for sending me that. I will definitely will keep that in mind when I do multiple edits!


Sorry to interupt you but User Jugus has edited the name of the page "Prehistoric Human Civilisation" to "Ancient Humanity" without getting a consesus on the talk page,(which seems to dissagree with the name), The links he provided for this are missused as the page is about a civilization/Empire and not the Human species of the time. We already have a Humans page where we can deffine the species it's self as "Ancient Humans".

Not only that, the links provided also tell us they are talking about the humans not the civilisation as they also say FORERUNNER NOT ECUMENE in a minor section in (Canon Fodder: Sustained Glass). So I fully agree with the others that we need to change it back. However I don't know how to and seeing as your an admin I came here to ask for your opinion on this.

Best regards, -- Primordial 16:21, 8 January 2016 (EST)