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Unidentified colonel
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October 20th, 2552

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The colonel: "Say again Marine? I've got drones overhead and ONI brass yelling in my ear!"
Dutch: "ODST reporting for duty, Sir!"
— The colonel to Dutch, during the battle at Uplift Reserve.

This colonel was an officer of the UNSC Marine Corps during the Battle of Earth.[1]


Battle of Mombasa[edit]

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During the Battle of Mombasa, this Colonel was in command of several platoons in New Mombasa, specifically in the Uplift Nature Reserve.

When the ODST Taylor "Dutch" Miles arrived after the Slipspace event, the Colonel had ordered a Warthog charge on an enemy formation. He was glad to hear an ODST was there to support his troops. ONI constantly contacted him, which he vocally complained about. He had orders to secure a Tier One asset near the Covenant LZ. When Second platoon was under heavy fire he ordered Dutch and the other Warthogs to move on their position. He was located near a Covenant LZ across a bridge in the Reserve's Section C, close to the city center.

He was killed by falling debris when the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator collapsed during the battle. His last orders were for all UNSC forces in the area to withdraw and regroup elsewhere in the city.[1]

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  • Although the Colonel is never seen, a dead Marine Sergeant's body is present near the Covenant LZ. This may be intended to be a stand-in for the Colonel.


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