Type-25 Brute Shot/Gameplay

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  • In Halo 2 and Halo 3, the Brute Shot is an effective weapon against the Flood. A single swipe from the Brute Shot's blade will act almost like a sword lunge, thus destroying a normal unshielded Combat Form easily. Unlike the Energy Sword however, it has unlimited swings for attacking, but is somewhat slower. Flood are also (unsurprisingly) susceptible to Brute Shot blasts, and the Brute Shot can atomize them from a distance. Carrier Forms can be taken out efficiently without much to worry. Swarms of Pod infectors can also be dealt with within 3 blasts.
  • In all, the Brute Shot is ideal against Flood, Jackals (a single blast usually kills them even if they hide behind their shields), Elites and Brutes. It is also effective against crowds of Grunts, but is of limited use against Hunters and Drones.
  • Its small ammunition capacity can also be a trouble. However, the Brute Shot is usually for more tactical approaches, such as taking out the biggest threat in a group, and isn't an ideal primary weapon since it has a very limited ammo capacity and rounds per belt.
  • The best way to use this weapon is as a room-clearing and scattering device. The Brute Shot can make quick work of an unsuspecting enemy if you line up your shots before firing. The most effective way to kill strong enemies (e.g. a Brute or Elite), is to fire rapid shots in succession into their torso, considering the fact that there are not many tactical ways to utilize the Brute Shot against powerful enemies. You could also fire a couple of shots at an enemy while charging, before following up with a melee attack. However, take note of the small splash damage. This saves ammunition and makes it much easier to use.


  • While an enemy is running across your screen, strafe while firing for an easier kill. This weapon is highly effective when used at elevation, as this wielder needs to only aim at their opponent's feet to inflict damage. If wanting to kill an enemy fast at close range, fire one grenade and melee for kill.
  • The Brute Shot is powerful against vehicles, taking around four grenades to destroy a Banshee or a Warthog in Halo 2, and it can destroy anything other than a Zurdo-pattern Wraith or Scorpion in Halo 3.
  • It is good at clearing or scattering crowds as well. After one round, enemies should be considerably weakened and easier to kill. Despite the wide splash damage radius, the Brute Shot is adept as a mid-close range weapon in the hands of experienced players.
  • This weapon is meant to be fired at the body, instead of the head. Two direct hits in Halo 2 (four in Halo 3) with the Brute Shot are enough to kill a normal-shielded target. In Halo 2, to hit a moving target, it is easier to aim at the floor for the projectile to bounce and hit the target instead of directly hitting it. It is also important to note that this weapon fires in an arc, so one must compensate for accuracy by aiming higher when the target is farther away. Two rounds from the Brute Shot can kill a player faster than one round from the Rocket Launcher or Fuel Rod Gun because of its speed.
  • Only in Halo 2 multiplayer, a good tactic is to punch an enemy with the blade while being in the air, easily done by jumping, because one punch hit in the air can kill a full shielded enemy. Skilled players can even kill an energy sword or a shotgun wielding enemy with this tactic.