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A tattoo is a permanent design marked on skin using inked needles. Tattoos are a common style of body modification used among humans. Humanity's interest in body art dates back to their prehistoric civilization, when military officers were adorned with white facial markings very reminiscent of tattoos.[1] Some groups in the ancient civilization's regressed remnants used scarification in lieu of tattoos, with religious meaning attached to the carved markings.[2] Other decorative and noninvasive body markings are also made using body paint or make-up. While facial paint is sometimes used for fashion, it could also be used to mark one's social status or serve as war paint when going into battle.

Tattoos of organizations[edit]

Cadmon Lasky showing off his newly acquired ODST tattoo.

Tattoos are often used to promote bonding between members of a certain group.


Tattoos are frequently displayed with pride by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Melissa McKay wore a tattoo of a skull and the letters "ODST" on her bicep.[3] Cadmon Lasky also got a tattoo of the ODST emblem on his back while he was at Jericho VII. Jacob Keyes, while not an ODST, was given an ODST tattoo of the kanji symbol for either "bastard" or "bad ass", as the meaning differs depending on who is asked.[4]

Keepers of the One Freedom[edit]

Human members of the Keepers of the One Freedom have tattoos around on their arms. A favorite tattoo symbol among the Human Keepers was a celestial highway.[5]


The Kelorists of Mamore mark members with a tattoo of a cross within a circle.[6]


Members of fraternities such as Sigma Chi are known to wear tattoos to signify their involvement. One such tattoo ended up blowing the cover of an ONI sent to test Rani Sobeck.[7]

Prison tattoos[edit]

Human convicted criminals were marked with a prison barcode tattoo across the triceps of their arms.[8]

Individual tattoos[edit]

Tattoos can also be personal decorations of individual persons.



Body markings[edit]

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