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Sorely was a member of the crew on the Hakon, a cargo ship. He was killed in a fight with Rion Forge.[1]


Sorely joined the crew of the Hakon at some point after Rion did, but from the moment they first met, hostility built between them. This animosity eventually erupted into a fight to the death in the ship's cargo hold as the rest of the crew looked on and placed bets on the outcome. As they clashed, Sorely tried to throw Rion against the bulkhead, but she careened into Cade instead, who picked her up and whispered advice to her. He clued her in regarding Sorely's bad knees and old left shoulder injury. Before she knew it, however, Sorely had punched her in the face and knocked her flat. However, she then took advantage of her new insight and attacked him where he was weakest. Sorely's body was disposed of via airlock. Rion earned a great measure of respect that day and was afforded a great deal of distance from others as well from then on.

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