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Cargo ship


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Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

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The Hakon was a cargo ship used by salvagers that operated during the Human-Covenant War.


The Hakon belonged to its captain, Bjorn Birger, a renegade salvager who had left Earth when he was eighteen years old in pursuit of wealth and adventure. At some point, Rion Forge joined his crew, and for the first few years her time aboard the ship was everything Bjorn had promised when he recruited her. They dodged in and out of war zones and commonly followed in the wake of UNSC fleets. The Hakon would remain on the edge of battles so that the crew could salvage what remained after the coast was clear. As Bjorn got older, he began to lose control over his crew. At some point in 2550, Bjorn died and control of the ship fell to his wife, Unn. She only outlived him by a year, however, and Rion Forge became the new captain in 2551. She eventually abandoned the Hakon in favor of a modified Mariner-class transport ship, which she named the Ace of Spades.[1]


The Hakon had a cargo hold with an airlock connected to it. During Rion's time as captain, she spaced one insubordinate member of the crew by evacuating an airlock.


"Hakon" is a Norwegian name that means "high son".

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