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"Did my little popper do that?"
— Samrat sarcastically commenting on his well-placed grenade kill during the Battle of Sargasso[1]

Samrat, nicknamed Sam, was a UNSC Marine Shock Trooper, who served during the Battle of Sargasso in 2546 as a member of Edward Buck's squad, Alpha-Nine.[2]


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Alpha-Nine was to retrieve an important data chip from a Lethbridge Industrial facility in the town of Belisk while another squad provided their distraction. During the mission briefing, Samrat expressed his confusion at the mission requirements.[2]

Commandeering a truck, the squad made their way into the town and Samrat helped clear the area as they forced their way into the facility. After retrieving the data chip, Buck and Samrat hid under the tarp of a flatbed truck Gomez found to extract the team with. However, Buck quickly ordered them back in once he heard a distress call from Gamma Six's sole survivor. Once back in the main plaza, Samrat found himself pinned down against several Banshee fighters as the squad helped retrieve Gamma-Six's fallen troopers. He managed to fend them off and later tried resuscitating the members of Gamma-Six on their way back to base.[3]

Following the battle, Samrat laughed at Buck's attempt to explain his insubordination to their Office of Naval Intelligence mission handler, Veronica Dare. He was then dismissed from the room with the rest of Alpha-Nine.[4]

Samrat would later perish in the war well before it was over.[5]


  • Given his surname, it is likely that he was of Indian descent.
  • By the Battle of Sargasso, Samrat was the longest-tenured member of Alpha-Nine under Buck.

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