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"You know Gogo. Loves to make an entrance."
Svensdottir on her squadmate's driving during the Battle of Sargasso[1]

Gomez, nicknamed Gogo, was a UNSC Marine Shock Trooper, who served during the Battle of Sargasso in 2546 as a member of Edward Buck's squad, Alpha-Nine.[2]


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During the battle, Alpha-Nine was sent in to retrieve an important data chip from a Lethbridge Industrial facility in the town of Belisk while another squad provided their distraction.[2]

Gomez complained of sore legs after being dropped off outside the city by the team's transport. After being thrown from the cargo bay of a hotwired truck by a plasma missile, Buck ordered Gomez to help an injured Svensdottir to safety, later reporting in to Buck that she was OK. Gomez breached the door to the facility and helped eliminate a Covenant lance in the foyer.[3] He later found a flatbed truck for their extraction and smashed it into the foyer, picking up the squad and speeding to their extraction point, but was eventually forced to double-back into the town once Buck picked up Gamma-Six's distress call from its sole survivor. Once in the main plaza, Gomez took out a group of Brutes by side-sweeping the flatbed into their encampment and later helped recover fallen ODSTs from Gamma-Six.[4]

Following the battle, Gomez laughed at Buck's attempt to explain his insubordination to their Office of Naval Intelligence mission handler, Veronica Dare. He was then dismissed from the room with the rest of Alpha-Nine.[5]

Gomez would later perish in the war well before it was over.[6]


Given his surname, it is likely that he was of Spanish descent.

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