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This article is about the folder called S-III. Were you looking for SPARTAN-III program or ONI's Section III?

S-III was a folder on Colonel James Ackerson's computer at CASTLE Base on Reach. When Dr. Halsey hacked the computer, she discovered two folders, S-III and KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.[1]



Contained in the S-III folder was a file called "CPOMZ", which contained celestial coordinates in the form of a 512-character alphanumeric star chart reference string. Halsey used the CPOMZ coordinate string to locate the planet Onyx which housed the SPARTAN-III program.[1] The letters CPOMZ are also an acronym for Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez, the man who trained the SPARTAN-IIs at a young age. This lead Halsey to believe that SCPO Mendez was somehow mixed up with Ackerson. [2]


In the folder were also extensive records of the SPARTAN-II program and its members,[1] including a great deal of biomedical data.[2] This indicated that Ackerson had knowledge of and an interest in the supposed top secret SPARTAN-II program.

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