Rolls of honor

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The rolls of honor was a list of warriors within the Covenant archives considered worthy of continuing on the path of the Great Journey.[1][2] For San'Shyuum and Sangheili, honor was a form of currency in the Covenant, acquired by accepting tangible rewards—such as honors, decorations, and offices—that increased their reputation and power within the empire. As such, placement on the rolls of honor was highly valued among Covenant citizens.[3]

Disgraced warriors who had fallen from the path of the Great Journey, or shipmasters who had their reputation damaged[1] not by heresy,[2] but by disloyalty or disobedience had their names removed from the rolls of honor.[1] Sullied warriors had few options to recover their honor and return to the rolls, even in death.[4] Within the Covenant military, Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyers were often crewed by warriors who had been removed from the rolls of honor, deemed unstable or unsuitable for service in the standard ministry fleets.[1] The crews of these destroyers were often given dangerous orders that often resulted in death, though those that proved compliant and found honor or valor in their new service had their family names once more added to the rolls of those worthy to continue on the Great Journey.[2]

After engaging UNSC Spirit of Fire over Trove, the names of the crew of Proclamation's Tithe were restored to the rolls by the High Prophet of Regret.[5] Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee was known to bind disgraced Sangheili with oaths of service as his vassals for a return to the rolls.[4]

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