Protocol 192-Delta

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Protocol 192-Delta is a security protocol used by the Office of Naval Intelligence. On February 8, 2556, Dr. Brynn Morad queried an artificial intelligence, NOX, for a list of patients across human space that exhibited symptoms similar to victims of the recent terrorist attack on Sedra City. NOX returned one match: a deceased patient from Ares Hospital on Aleria by the name of Indrid Lota. NOX proceeded to give Dr. Morad a wealth of information about Aleria, Indrid Lota, and Mols'Desias, the mining union he was part of. When Dr. Morad asked what Lota had been carrying on him when he was admitted to the hospital, Protocol 192-D was triggered and NOX prohibited her from accessing any more information. NOX was subsequently confiscated by the Office of Naval Intelligence agent, Codename: FIXER.[1]

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