Ares Hospital

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Ares Hospital is a hospital on the Outer Colony of Aleria.


On November 21, 2554 a patient named Indrid Lota died in the hospital. His body was discovered in a state of debilitating rigor and his veins were blackened from embolism. The patient was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome but the official cause of death went undetermined. Lota's death was labeled Case Number Zebra-220-801. A little over one year later, on February 8, 2556, Dr. Brynn Morad, a doctor affiliated with the Sedran Colonial Guard, investigated this case. Dr. Morad's interest was spiked by similar symptoms that appeared in the victims of the recent terrorist attack on Sedra City. When she queried an AI about what Lota had on him when he first arrived at the hospital, ONI's Protocol 192-Delta was triggered and she was cut off from access to any further data. The AI which had been providing her with answers thus far, NOX, was subsequently confiscated by the ONI agent, Codename: FIXER.[1]

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