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Prophetess of Obligation

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High Prophetess of Obligation
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The High Prophetess of Obligation was a Hierarch of the Covenant during the 23rd Age of Doubt. She, along with the High Prophet of Restraint and the High Prophet of Tolerance, led the High Council until 2525.


One of the most beloved Prophets at the time, she gave birth to triplets in early 2525. However, she fell victim to a political shakedown in the Covenant and had to step down from power, replaced by the High Prophets of Truth, Mercy and Regret.[1]


  • As with the High Prophets of Mercy, Regret, Truth and Restraint, their names have been an ironic counterpoint to reality. Following this pattern, Obligation presumably was a procrastinator and/or did not follow through on her required obligations. The then-Minister of Fortitude noted that her pregnancy had caused her to neglect some of her responsibilities.[2]
  • The Prophetess of Obligation is the only named female Hierarch in Covenant accounts, although other female Prophets have been mentioned in text, such as Truth's concubines and the female Prophet who had Regret's falsified kinfolk.
  • The Minister of Fortitude was considering adding the Prophetess into his schemes as a third Hierarch at first but later reconsidered, thinking it to be a little too risky.

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