Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Brothers in Arms I

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Plipbab, Grunt coordinator at High Charity crash site. Transcription Date: 6/4/2559

Central base, this is Plipbab, reporting from the High Charity salvage operation. There was a tragical accident this morning, and, uh, we're going to need more Unggoy. Voridus has been experimenting with the wormguy weapons and so we were movin' some of his new incendiary jelly. Everything was goin' fine and I was bein' real responsible! Then one thing led to another and there was a big noise and it started rainin' Grunt gumbo, and you know it's never good when a coordinator is wading through little chunks of his buddies.

So I go to 'fess up to Ol' Angry Chops and I know he's gonna be in a punchin' mood, but he's doing argus with Pavium! Pavium was all like "WHY ARE YOU SO CHARGY?" and Voridus is all like "WHY ARE YOU SO BOSSY?" - somethin' like that, I got scared and I don't remember much. So now Pavium's in charge of the excavations at High Charity, but I think he's also makin' sure Voridus doesn't break anything important. Voridus is know for the breakin', so they say. [1/2]